I was talking to my human larva about his fears and concerns.  You know the trivial pointless fears that young people have until they reach adulthood and then and ONLY then experience true fear.

He was blathering on about something silly about girls or possibly arson.  I don’t know I was only half listening at the time.

The boy asked me what are some of the things that I worry about.

Gravity or the lack there of used to scare the crap out of me as a kid.  I used to have vivid nightmares that it would stop working for me and I would spin off into the endless void shrieking in terror.

The world would slowly get smaller and smaller as I drifted off into space.  Eventually I would dream the Earth would disappear entirely and I would be left alone in the icy void.

Alone and yet not alone as I would begin to hear the cold whispered voices of long dead gods and races that never were.  The horrifying knowledge they would impart to me would drive me mad with forbidden truths and nameless dread.

You know, kids stuff.