The Energized: The Radiation/Electrical Zombie, ironically this is the zombie type most people think about when they think of zombies and they don’t really know it.  How you ask.

George Romero is responsible for creating the pop culture zombie and defining what most people think about when they think of zombies.  However, in “Night of the Living Dead” there is no definitive answer for why the dead rise.  The closest you get is a scientist on television explaining that radiation from an exploded Venus probe may be the cause.

If you accept that as the reason that the dead walk then that makes ALL of Romero’s zombies, Energy zombies.

Most zombie freaks such as myself assume that the coming zombpocalypse will be caused by some sort of virus.  What they really should be afraid of is some sort of crazy Radiation bringing back the dead.

That means don’t put metal in the microwave or you may kill us all.

P.S. I know this will be controversial with some very very anal people, but yes, I consider Jason from “Friday the 13th” to be a zombie (A very very powerful zombie, but still a zombie).
It’s just my opinion though feel free to disagree.