Still putting up my sketches while I fiddle with the design and work on new comics. Yeah!

Do you watch the news? I try not too. You see I’m a little burned out with everyone telling me how we’re all screwed, things are only going to get worse, and we’re all going to die. My whole life people have been telling me that this is the worst it’s ever been in the history of mankind and how it won’t be long now before the end comes (That’s not a joke, it’s the culture where I live.)

Funny thing is, my history books are full of times where life was waaaaay crappier, shorter, more painful, and more brutal. And I can’t help but realize that not a single person in my family would be alive today if it wasn’t for the wonderful advances in modern medical science that were created in the last 20 years.

I certainly would have been dead several times over without the wonder of antibiotics alone. By now I take every pronouncement of death and doom with a grain of salt and refuse to make eye contact with hysterical people.

Of course I’m also frequently wrong about things, we could all be doomed tomorrow. (Cross your fingers and pray for zombies to end our pain)