Well it’s time to once again make comics. Because I haven’t done it in a while and it feels bad. I’ve been doing convention after convention which is great for the pocket book, but not terribly creative.

I went to a Paranormal convention and had my Tarot cards read. The psychic reading them assured me there would be nothing to worry about. However he would not meet my eyes and when I shuffled the cards I could sense his apprehension.

It began well enough. He read my past, which is already on record as being one poor life decision after another mixed in with sadness. Then next cards were those about my present. He flinched visibly and a long stream of spittle escaped his slack lips as he read the cards. Clearly he was shaken. I don’t blame him.

It was when he turned over the cards representing my future that the seizures began to take him. Bright bloody froth escaped his lips and we were forced to violently restrain him as he began tearing at his eyes with ragged nails.

He screamed at the last card. An awful noise, more animal than man and collapsed.

The paramedics were called soon after. As they carted the psychic’s limp and desiccated body away I could hear him raggedly whisper one dire warning. A message about my doomed future and my perilous fate.

He whispered, “Don’t watch the movie ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell… It’s gonna suck……”