Parents rarely appreciate being told their children would be delicious… Weird, I know but it’s true.

So I got talked into dressing up as a zombie for a party where people would have their pictures taken with me.  Okay, to be fair it didn’t take much convincing.  The chance to dress up as a dead guy and act like a goof, while messing with kids heads.  Sign me up please.

I’m happy to report that I made several children cry and many more wouldn’t come near me.  Those families that did pose with me while I twitched and moaned and acted like a freak were the best.  I got to tell several parents that their new borns looked delicious and that baby meat was the tastiest meat by far.  Some parents weren’t overly pleased that I dropped that knowledge on them, but that’s what I do.

Kids these days sit around playing “The video games” and drinking “The Sodi Pops” which leaves their muscles much like Veal.

Some might argue (ME) that we’re raising a generation trained by video games to fight the undead, but lacking the physical ability to do so.  Hope those kids are good shots, because I know several that let’s just say running is not their thing.

Anyway here’s a goofy picture of me getting my zombie makeup ready to emotionally scar people.  I’ve got better shots I’ll post later.

Carter Reid The Zombie Nation comic