Sooooooooooo I sort of had to delete Clash of Clans off my phone.  Okay, let me rephrase that.  I was forced to remove Clash of Clans from my phone.   Still not right.  Let me try to say this again.

I desperately removed the Devil Spawn of all Time Sink apps from my phone while weeping like a ten year old girl.  Stern eyed sentinels surrounded my digital act of sepeku ready at any moment, should I show reluctance, to deliver my soul screaming to whatever afterlife awaits me.  At the end of this maddening ordeal, my fragile psyche crush, I collapsed into a fetal position and lay comatose for days.

You see, apparently I have a somewhat addictive personality.  I don’t do anything I like halfway.  It gradually consumes until my whole life revolves around it in a loving death spiral sure to leave me as a withered and wasted corpse of a man.

My wife does not find this particular aspect of my personality charming.

So I had to remove “Clash of Clans” as that damned peice of digital heroine was slowly ruining my life.  And henceforth I am sworn to avoid all similar games of any kind.

Now if only these delirium tremors would stop because the feeling of bugs crawling on my skin is annoying.