At the “how to survive an apocalypse” panel at Comicon this past weekend I was able to share some of my inspiring wisdom with a huge room full of people.  It was somewhat gratifying to tell that many people they should go cannibal right off the bat and, exploit their neighbor’s weaknesses, and of course steel their women… What?  You have to keep the species going.  Don’t you judge me!

How to survive and apocalypse is one of my favorite subjects.  What do you do to survive when there are no laws and and societal restraints holding you back?  Will you make the hard decisions?  What will you do to survive?

So I got to be on a panel about how to survive an apocalypse and right down the row everyone is making reasonable statements on how to survive and apocalypse.  They suggest getting medicinal supplies, getting a bugout bag prepared, making sure you have a food.  Then when they reached me I simply suggested the obvious… Go cannibal right off the bat.

People often forget that we are all made of meat and we are delicious.  Hey, if it was good enough for soccer players and tardy pioneers then I say it’s good enough for me.

When the subject came around weapons my suggestion to the crowd was don’t worry about it.  I’m sure your neighbors have weapons and they have to sleep some time.  Simply sneak into their houses, brain them, then you’ve got weapons AND dinner.  Again, this seems perfectly obvious.

Lastly we discussed our final strategy for how to survive an apocalypse.  I told the whole crowd that my strategy was to round up and secure as many potential mates as possible.  This makes perfect sense to me as we owe it to the race to try to repopulate as quickly as possible.

Sadly for me my wife had slipped into the panel room just before I mentioned that… Now I’ll never hear the end of it.


In case you were wondering that’s Michealbrent Collings on the left of that panel.  A famed horror novelist and screen writer.  We were polar opposites on that panel with him basically being a good person and me suggesting a course of action that only leads to a fiery afterlife.