For the record as I was sitting here drawing Jar Jar Binks as a zombie my kids came in no less then four times to tell me how much they love Jar Jar.

It was all I could do not to “Strike them down with all of my hate” making my transition to the dark side of the force complete.

It makes me painfully aware that in just a few short days I will be thirty-seven and old.


There is a serious generational gap in what I consider nerd culture and what my kids do. They are into the Clone Wars and I’m old school Star Wars. I like good wholesome nerdy things, they like….. I don’t know… someth’n. Good Hell, I should talk to my children more, huh? (Nope too much effort)

Am I wrong? Am I really out of touch with the kids these days?
NO, it’s the children who are wrong.