Holy crap it is late.  I should have started the comic earlier today.   Yes the zombie hockey story is continuing nicely, however, normally I’d talk about the comic and how awesome I am and how I’m the envy of all my peers and junk….

…But not today, cause it’s late and I get silly when I’m tired.

So today I ran into a guy I knew in Highschool, he didn’t recognize me of course on account of my superior ninja skills of invisibility, but I recognized him.  This guy was one of the many people who made Highschool pure hell for me.  Three years of mind numbing awkward social torture.  The mental and emotional scarring will be with me for a life time.  Two decades later and the fiery hate still warms my dark black soul.

Oh the sweet sweet urge to crush the back of another human’s head and bury his still twitching body out in the dessert!  It took every ounce of my meager willpower not to commit a horrible yet satisfying revenge murder.

Also for the record I grew up in Utah’s miserable empty wasteland of a dessert and know of several places off the top of my head where you can easily dispose of a body.

Oh well maybe I’ll run into him tomorrow… with my car. 🙂

What’s the point of this rant you ask?  Nothing.  It’s just 1:30 a. m. But people should try harder not to be jerks in school.