I for one think that the good folk of Innsmouth would be incredibly delicious… possibly even a delicacy.

What? Don’t you judge me.  I’ve seen the food network, humans eat truly disgusting looking things all the time.  How else to you explain Haggis?

So what difference would it make to devour a deep one (other than that sounds like a euphemism)?  I submit to you that with the correct garnish and side dish that a “Deep One” would make a fine meal.

Oh and don’t judge poor Zadoc too harshly, he’s a pragmatic man.   If it makes you feel better his character from “A Shadow Over Innsmouth” gets whacked in that story by the deep ones so this is an appropriate turn of events for him.

H.P. Lovecraft would be proud…. Or he could possibly want to beat me up for taking liberties with his characters.  I’m cool with either response.