I feel like my whole life is like this. I have these voices telling me what to do all the time, they’re relentless and painfully shrill. But enough about my wife and kids. Badum dum ktsh! Thank you, I’ll be hear all night. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Hon, if you’re reading this, that was just a joke, please don’t make me sleep on the couch again. 🙁

But seriously though the urge for good or for evil makes for great conflict, and great stories. Nobody writes a story about the epic battles of Apathy Vs. Onwee. (That’s a French word, I’m all fancy and junk tonight)

I want to see massive battles with the shining forces of good arrayed against the dastardly forces of evil with the fate of the world perilously in doubt. That’s some awesome crap right there.

….or I guess I could go into my living room right now and watch “Grey’s Anatomy” with the family. Super…, stories of moral ambiguity and interpersonal conflict where nobody stays happy for very long. …oh….joy.

Holy crap! I just watched fifteen minutes of that and I feel like I want to take an all day shower, because I’ll never be clean again.

That show doesn’t even have a dwarf with a battle ax?!? Guh!!!