A Shoggoth from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft can grow whatever organ it needs when it needs it.  Must be nice being a protoplasmic ball of what can arguably be called flesh.   That’s probably super convenient.

Of course I’m willing to bet that if the average person could grow organs at will most of the time they would just sit there growing a wide variety of weird genitals.  Humans are kind of gross that way.

The fact that Shoggoths don’t sit around all day growing a disturbing amount of naughty bits speaks very highly of their character.  Maybe we could all learn a little something from these misunderstood eldritch horrors.

They certainly won’t help us with our vocabulary though as they only know one word…. “Tekeli-li!”

That sounds dumb right?  That’s because it is.  Maybe Lovecraft thought that “word” was terrifying, but no one else does.  Still “At the Mountains of Madness” remains one of my favorite stories.