The idea of using a ship as a zombie fortress has some benefits and a whole host of flaws. The main benefit of course is it’s mobile, hard for zombies to get into, and the sea surrounding the ship is a natural and effective barrier.

But it’s not perfect. For one, ships need fuel or they don’t go anywhere for long. Second, you’ll be out on the ocean and as the rules of drama have decreed, it’s only a matter of time before a horrible storm comes up to ruin your day. This leads to the biggest flaw of having a ship as a zombie fortress, during one of these inevitable storms somebody is going to fall down and die. If we’re going by George Romero rules that means he’s about to become a zombie and attack everyone. Then where do you run. You’re out to see with nowhere to go.

The ship is now a death trap.

Also who says zombies can’t swim? Have you seen Fulci’s zombie? Not only does this badass zombie swim, he fights a real live tiger shark and takes a manly bite out of it. Sure he loses an arm, but that’s a small price to pay for zombie badassedness. (Yes that’s a real word, I declare it so.)

I love how weirdly inappropriate the music is for this scene. Are we watching a life and death struggle between a zombie and a shark or are we getting high? It’s hard to tell. And the super crunchy sound effects are hilarious.

Fulci’s “Zombie” is a weird movie.