My next Papercraft Zombie: Soon to be dead Ted.

It would seem that poor Ted had a bad run in with either a zombie or possibly some guy on “bath salts” and it’s left a mark.  If Ted is lucky (and he’s not) he has merely been bitten by some crazy guy hopped up on “Bath Salts.”

Unfortunately for soon to be dead Ted he has been bitten by the real thing, which in most pop culture zombie lore spells certain doom.  I would almost feel bad for him, if he wasn’t completely made from paper.

Papercraft Zombie: Soon to be Dead Ted

I had a fun time making my previous papercraft zombies, but I always felt like something was missing.  Then I had it!  People fleeing in terror.  You simply can’t have a papercraft zombie apocalypse without fleeing papercraft people.  It’s just not done.

Also doing these craft projects is a nice break sometimes from the zombie webcomic.  I still would like to put a bunch of these papercraft patterns together and film my own little stop motion zombie apocalypse.  Stick it up on You tube just for the hell of it.

Of course… If any of you awesomely creative people feel the need to beat me to the punch and do it yourselves.  Well, I suppose I would have to link to that, and possibly send you a copy of my new zombie comic book “Undeath and Taxes”.  (First awesome reader to do it gets a book… and my undying gratitude.)

Is that enough pandering and hints?   Probably?

The next papercraft zombie I do will have a different pattern.  This one is based on the “paper dude” from and has served me well, but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth.  I still like the pattern, but when you put the zombie together his abnormally large head makes him kind of unstable on my desk.  That simply will not do.