Papercraft Zombies are fun and I haven’t done one in a while. This is Hazmat Suit Harold. I love taking these papercraft zombies putting a bunch of them together to simulate my own little zombie apocalypse. Eases the pain.

If you played even a little bit of “Left 4 Dead II” you would have seen a bunch of these guys running around causing problems all the time. They were adorable. And now thanks to the wonder and Majesty that is me you can recreate them as Papercraft Zombies. Start your own Armageddon without those silly Mayans.

This pattern is based of of the paperdude template for papercraft toys. Eventually I should really come up with my own design. Trouble with that is that so many other people have been doing papercraft toys for longer than I have that it would be really hard to come up with something original. Maybe it’s not worth it. I’ll have to think about that.

You can find The rest of the papercraft zombies that I’ve done here.