Yes I’m aware that it’s not Thanksgiving… I don’t care.

Anyway, thought this was amusing. After consuming so much Turkey on Thanksgiving that I thought I was going to die, I sketched out a zombie turkey, passed out from the tryptophan and had a delightful nightmare about zombie turkeys coming to seek their justly deserved revenge.

In my Thanksgiving Day nightmare the only one’s the zombie turkeys spared were the vegetarians. I’m not sure if that was because they weren’t angry at the vegetarians or because being a vegetarian is already so horrible that the zombie turkeys thought they had suffered enough.

I have a theory of course. Possibly since being a vegetarian causes one to be extremely flatulant, the vegetarians in my dream may have repelled the monsters with their tofu inspired “emanations.” It’s just a theory of course, but it does make me giggle like the immature man/child that I am.