Now before you start writing me angry letters telling me what a horrible person I am (I already know BTW) just let me say this…

I think we can all apreciate any of you attractive women who may want to put on the occasional pair of fox ears and call yourselves a furry. That’s a wonderful thing and I assure you I support you in everyway. In fact feel free to send any photos you may have of yourselves to me for review. I promise I will not post them on the intertubes….

I’ll just keep them in this creepy drawer I have here at my desk…… I call it my creepy creepy drawer of shame. (If my wife is reading this, then that drawer is not real, I made it up, and… don’t you judge me!)

However, if you are a 300Ib sweaty man dressed as a woodchuck who likes to “meet” up with other 300Ib sweaty men dressed as other forest creatures in your mom’s basement….. yeah….I don’t care what you say…. gross dude… gross.