If everything went according to plans when practicing the forbidden arts of Necromancy there would be far fewer zombie movies and of those the body counts would be depressingly more manageable.  And where’s the fun in that?

It’s always preferable and more entertaining when something goes horribly wrong and squishy things hit the fan.

I’m kind of proud of the way today’s little zombie webcomic came out.  I put way more effort into making this one than usual and the expression on my cuddly little Necronomicon character gives me the giggles (In a very manly way BTW).  One of the main reasons for this comic in the first place is to try to continually get better at cartooning and art in general so I try to do a little better with every comic I make.

I’m pretty satisfied with this one.  It makes me happy and, temporarily at least, keeps the nagging self-doubt and crushing depression at bay for at least one more day.