My little pony zombie drawn for my seven year old daughter who is still trying to make her daddy into a “Brony”. I’m not so enamored with this drawing to tell you the truth, but my daughter likes it and I am a sucker tiny redheads.

I would have drawn the my little pony zombie eating the brains of another pony or being horribly mangled in some way, but I can only traumatize my child so much before child protective services comes to get me. That’s what the judge said anyway.

Still this is war, damnit! My goal in life is to cram my children into my own twisted image and of course live vicariously through them. It is not to have them influence me. That’s not the deal I signed up for. My daughter doesn’t realize it but I have long ranged plans to turn her into a horror fanatic with weird Star Wars obsessions and a love of miniature board games. In short, I swear by almighty Cthulhu to turn her into a nerd like her daddy.

Still, she makes me watch My Little Pony with her…. and I have to admit. The damned thing is growing on me.