Man Vs. Wild:  The zombie survival edition.

I would love to see a reality television program where people are surviving the zombpocalypse, mainly Bear Grylls, because you know, YOU KNOW…. that at some point someone is going to be drinking pee.  Kinda gross.

I love Man Vs. Wild, Bear is a crazy man, and I was saddened to hear they were canceling the show.  I guess he needs more money than they are willing to give him to drink pee.  Personally I’d need a lot… more than they have to do that.  To bad as that’s one of the few reality shows that I can stomach.  Zombie Survival would make the best reality television.

Also, before I get twenty e-mails telling me I need to watch “Dead Set” I’ve seen it, I thought it was pretty good actually, but that’s not what I want.  I want contestants desperately trying to survive the zombie apocalypse and all the challenges will be related to pure survival.  Also nobody gets voted off, they get eaten.

And the last one to be left doesn’t get a million dollars… they get eaten.