Malcolm Reynolds Zombified is the start to another project I’m doing.  Kind of a “Firefly Undead” thing.  My kids are watching Firefly so this is what’s on my mind.  I did a series of all the Doctor Who doctors as zombies that I still have to composite into a print.  I’ll probably do the same thing to the cast of Firefly.

When that show first came out I have to admit I did not want to watch it.  I have a knee-jerk reaction to not like things that become very popular…. Which is pretty common with a lot of people.  But once I gave Firefly a chance and watched it on Netflix.  I really enjoyed it.

I’m not going to start wearing a brown coat and writing creepy fan fiction or anything, but I liked it.  Nathan Fillian as Malcolm Reynolds is very entertaining.

Here’s the picture I drew Malcolm Reynolds Zombified from.  I thought it came out pretty good.  The good captain seems to be having a bad day.  That’s to be expected I suppose as space is a pretty dangerous place and he seems to get in a lot of scrapes.

If you are interested in getting yourself zombified I do that too.  Just click here for the store.

Malcolm Reynolds zombified

Of course it’s always a weird thing to zombify a famous person.  Too much rot or disfigurement and they will be unrecognizable, not enough and why bother to zombify them in the first place.  Malcolm Reynolds Zombified is just the first step.  I’ll get around to the rest of the cast of “Firefly Undead” soon enough.

Now fans of the show are going to start arguing with me that the Reavers are Firefly’s version of zombies.  No offense but that’s bull plop.  Reavers have little to anything to do with zombies.  In fact from my point of view I can’t stand them.  They make no sense to me.  Reavers are a whole group of people driven bat shit insane and are constantly doing all manor of horrible things… Yet they have it together enough to maintain and fuel a fleet of highly technical space ships?  Also they use trees as harpoons?  My brain can’t handle that.

Never the less I like the show.