I had the itch to do something a bit more serious with the comic today…. then I got distracted by bright shiny objects and made a Lolzombie.

It seams I can’t be serious for longer than five or so minutes… It’s a terrible character flaw on my part.

Still that is one hot looking Lolzombie don’t you think? It’s a self portrait. I know, I know… I am one good looking zombie man. Look at the drool coming out of my mouth….

Stunning! If only it were possible to clone myself so I could marry an exact duplicate of my glorious self.

I am “Bringing the sexy back” so to speak.

(Sometimes I just spew a bunch of words on these posts because it’s late and I’m silly tired, then I read what has just been written and think…. WTF? This is one of those times.)