Why Valve doesn’t hire me right this very instant I will never know. These ideas are gold, Jerry! Pure Gold!

Or retarded…. Whatever.

I love the idea of having the “Uncommon Infected” in the next “Left 4 Dead” game. I’ve seen the guys in the hasmat suits, The mud men, and the spitter concept art (Be still my beating heart, she was smok’n hot)

But you know that if the zombpocalypse was happening reporters would be all over the place, despite the fact that the only sane course of action is to flee…. Or go looting.

Soon they would become part of the story and then why should they change their behavior just because they are dead. I’ll be honest if I become a zombie it’s highly likely that no one will notice for a very long time (It’s the Nerd stench… We nerds refuse to bath and we really enjoy shuffling around moaning about our nerd issues.)