I love doing these. Although for this one I’m sure I’m going to get some crap for.

Look, Goth people, before you get upset and your mascara starts to run, it’s a joke. Just a joke. I’m sure your choice in fashion truly does express your inner sadness and proclaims to the world that you are unique (just like everyone else). I’m not judging you. This is just a joke.

Truth be told until the restraining order forced me to stop I truly enjoyed hanging out at the mall and “accidently” strolling past the “Hot Topic” store some forty odd times a day with a creepy glazed expression and slow trickle of druel coming from my mouth…

Goth girls are perdy.

Anyway, in case your still upset and your tired of endlessly listening to your “My Chemical Romance” collection feel free to send me an e-mail and tell me what an @$$ I am. However, I should warn you you won’t be the first and I guarantee you won’t be the last to say it.

This is a chance to put those awesome poetry skills to use!

Gleeee! Lets see if you can hate me more than my EX!