And here is some more of my concept art for “Left 4 Dead 2”: Electric Boogaloo.

I love voodoo stories and before Romero Came along with “Night of the Living Dead” sadly Voodoo Witch Doctors were pretty much our main source of the living dead.

Now we live in a more enlightened time where you can apparently catch some delightful disease from your breakfast bacon and be damned to walk the blasted earth eternally hungering for the flesh of the living.

Now Valve has a chance to bring the “Voodoo zombie” back to prominence so that it may take it’s rightful place in the shambling pantheon of zombie lore.

…That and I think they should view my awesome concepts and totally give me a job doing this all day. (I love you, Valve, and I will have your collective baby… P.S. Dang it! Not going to happen, I’m still a guy.)