Another “Left 4 Dead 2” Concept art from your’s truly. Why Valve doesn’t hire me for my super awesome ideas I will never know. I mean why would you want just plain old zombies when you could have super awesome (and sexy) midgets chasing people down.

Since this version of “Left 4 Dead” is set mostly in the south I wanted to have some true southern flavor. Now if nine and a half years of public edjumacation has taught me anything, it’s that the south is swarming with cute and adorable midgets. Midgets who carry big boards with nails in them.

Public Edjumacation has also taught me that I am the root of all the worlds problem and also that I should power my house with wind. I had no idea that I was so important… and evil.

Thanks Mrs. Tavishaw…. And thank you, our nation’s low edjumackation standards.

BTW. Yes I know that you don’t spell Edjumacation that way…. I always forget to add the silent “Q.”