Leading the fight against the zombie hordes are a select band of men and women of uncommon skill and dedication…. And a guy named Gary.

The comic’s order got a little mixed up.  This was actually supposed to have gone up Wednesday.  But sometimes I make mistakes.  Well I liked it so the comic gets posted today instead.

These are the leaders of the human resistance to the zombie apocalypse.  Each with their own deadly and truly unique set of skills that can be applied to surviving the zombies.

Part of the appeal of the zompocalypse to people is the whole idea of testing yourself against overwhelming odds.  I would like to think that I have some sort of unique skill that would help me survive where all others would be killed.  Let me think what skills do I possess?  I’m not a good shot, and I’m a mildly out of shape middle aged guy.  What could I do to survive?

My comprehensive list of zombie fighting skills.

  1. I can make a truly horrible noise with my throat that sounds like a water buffelo getting an enima. (This could intimidate the zombies…. although it does just make my kids laugh)
  2. I can consume the most vile of gas station hotdogs.  (Possibly this could give me the ability to survive on meager rations till the zombies leave)
  3. I have a bizarre encyclopedic knowledge of old “B” movies. (Actually this is pretty useless, it just drives my wife crazy that she can’t beat me at the game “Scene it”)
  4. I can get by on less sleep than your average guy (in theory)… This does have the terrible side affect of making me write silly nonsensical blog entries.

That’s it that’s all I got when it comes to skills that might help me survive the zombies.  I’m pretty sure I’m doomed.