I love drawing this comic, it gives me the chance to draw some of the weirdest stuff, zombies, mutants,…er… zombie mutants.

I’m old and decrepit so I saw “Total Recall” in the theater. The main impression I came away with (Other than an appreciation for three melons) is that Kuato never ever got his nose wiped. What the hell? He’s a parasitic twin with his own arms. WIPE YOUR NOSE. Or your brother could wipe it. Arnold could wipe it for all I care. You’ve got shirt in front of your slimy face all day. Wipe it on that ya weirdo!

It always really bothered me….

Then I had kids. HOLY CRAP! The little buggers run around with gallons of snot running down their faces all day and all I can think of is that they look like little Kuatos!

Here’s a note to all future fathers. Your future wives will not appreciate it if you “lovingly” refer to their precious babies as “Gross little Kuatos.” They don’t like that. Trust me I know this from experience.