A Justin Bieber Zombie is a chilling vision of things to come or it’s possibly the greatest thing that could happen.  Because if the great Justin Bieber becomes a Justin Bieber zombie then it would be socially acceptable to shoot him… In the head.  Admit it, we all want to do it.

Can I share something with you?  We’re friends right?  I can’t stand this little snot.  I don’t know Justin Bieber, we’ve never met and ultimately I don’t really know anything about him.  I have absolutely no actual reason to hate him in any way.

For all intents and purposes Justin Bieber to me could be a made up celebrity created by Pixar and I would never know.  Or care.  Why then does it feel soooo damn good to hate this kid?  It’s completely irrational.

Never the less I would be happy with a Justin Bieber zombie for the simple reason that then it would be socially acceptable to “end his suffering” and also mine.

Justin Bieber Zombie

Even as a zombie Justin Bieber is kind of a douche.

Why do I hate this guy?  There’s the selfish reasons that don’t make me look so good.  Jealousy over his success, money, fame, etc…  Yeah I’ll admit that.  That’s a fairly normal if somewhat shallow reason to not be able to stand someone.  I’m a petty little man, I admit this.

Ultimately though I think I don’t like him though because there is something incredibly annoying about someone who is so successful and seams to get so many breaks who then throws it all away and becomes a big giant public idiot.

Watching this kids slow public melt down is irrationally infuriating to me.  Not because I care about him in the slightest.  I don’t.  I just can’t stand to watch someone waste success that seams to come to them so easily when I watch others work so hard to achieve less.  And they are better people.