Jayne Cobb Zombified: Firefly Undead project rolls on with Jayne Cobb as the next to succumb to the zombie plague.  Space is a very dangerous place.

I hope I got the character of Jayne Cobb’s face right.  I’d like to think I’m slowly getting better at this drawing thing.  In case you are wondering how I do these I use prismacolor pencils on toned paper.  Below is the photo reference I used for the Jayne Cobb Zombified picture.  Then I scan it into photoshop where I smooth up the pencil marks, play with the values a bit more and finally color the image.

I bought a webcam recently.  Give me a week and I plan to start filming and doing drawing demonstrations for the comic site.  Kind of excited about that.  (It takes very little to get me excited…. I don’t get out much)

Of coarse when you have Jayne Cobb zombified you must include the hat.  That’s a must.  You know I really want one of those hats.

Jayne Cobb

Eventually I’ll have the entire crew of the Serenity zombified.  If you’d like to see previous zombified crew members you can check out:
Malcolm Reynolds Zombified
Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne Zombified

Anyway.  When I’m done with the project I plan on assembling these all into a print like I’m doing with my Doctor Who Undead comics.  Which are almost done.