I did a zombified version of Bella and Edward it’s only fair to do a zombified version of Jacob Black too.

This is just one of the ways I don’t understand Twilight. One, I’m a dude and I realize that already makes it hard for me to like the books, but also I can’t find any likable characters in it. Edward’s kind of a creepy stalker who watches people sleep… because that’s normal boyfriend behavior. Then there’s Jacob Black who’s just kind of a jerk. He’s an abrasive guy with anger problems. Do girls really like that kind of thing? Weird.

I’m never going to understand this whole Team Edward Vs. Team Jacob thing. It’s a choice between a stalker and a jerk. Also (Spoilers) but Jacob’s going to have a “Relationship” with Bella’s half Vampire Baby. That’s not creepy at all is it.

I think converting the whole cast to zombies can only improve that series.  All of their less than desirable characteristics will be replaced by good old wholesome cannibalistic hunger.  It’s the perfect solution.

Now you want to see something really disturbing. The guy who plays Jacob, Taylor Lautner, that guy is SHARK BOY!!!  Oh the humanity!

I am Shark Boy feer me!

I will have this same stupid expression forever!

I am Shark Boy

Aaaaaw Sweet Sweet Dignity

I am Shark Boy

In a few short years I will dance with doggies instead!