I’ve reached that stage in my life where everything sounds vaguely dirty.  What is that stage again?  Oh that’s right.  Puberty all the way up to my eventual death.  That’s it.

I imagine my glorious death will be worthy of song or possibly a limerick.  I’m picturing me somehow saving the world through noble self sacrifice similar to Bruce Willis in “Armageddon.”  Of course in that movie Bruce Willis’s character has actual skill relevant to the story.  I don’t have that.

I’ve been a graphic artist for a very long time now.  That limits the skill set a bit.   So  I’m still trying to figure out a believable way to save the world by choosing the appropriate font and Pantone color combination.  It hasn’t hit me just yet.

Anyway the Shark/human hybrid story continues…. But what could that booming sound possibly be?!?  I’m taking bets and whoever gets it right wins a shiny nickle!  mmmmm…. shiny.