Innsmouth hotel hell, where there is always a choice between pain and a greater pain.   I like the scene from H.P. Lovecraft’s “A Shadow Over Innsmouth” where the main character goes to this crappy hotel “The Gilman house” with the sinister Deep One’s running the place… and he stays there.  Only to nearly get killed by the towns people of Innsmouth and the deep ones from the sea.

See that’s what I call a lousy vacation and sure sign that staying home during your time off is a much better thing to do.  That’s what I do.  Why travel?  Madness I say.  I try never to leave my dark cave of an office.  Every time I do my pasty pallid skin is horribly assaulted by this burning ball in the sky.  My wife and children call it… The sun.  I call it my nemesis and have sworn vengeance against it.

And oh yes I will have my revenge.  In this life or the next.

Anyway, the Innsmouth hotel.  Nice place, little bit of water damage, and it reeks of fish.  All of Innsmouth reeks of fish.

And if you complain about spoilers, to bad, that story about eighty years old.  Go read it, it’s good.