Fungus has no place on a meal, for any reason, ever.  Gross.


It’s a simple statement of fact that if you have a conversation with me that goes long enough eventually we will always come around to the topic of cannibalism. I’m not sure if this is me channeling my inner zombie or simply another aspect of my deeply deviant personality.

Perhaps I’m just simply amused at the reaction to topic brings out in others.

I love giving panels on zombie preparedness especially when the topic comes to what are you going to do for food.  I submit to you that cannibalism is a perfectly reasonable option when supplies are running low.

Sure you may have some ethical and moral qualms to devouring your fellow zombie apocalypse survivor, but think about it.  We are all just protein when it comes down to it.

Now here’s something else to think about.  Your average kid these days spends the majority of his time playing video games, getting very little exercise, and marinating themselves in Mt. Dew and Dorritos.  They are just like Veal and therefore very likely to be delicious.



See my wife hates it when I bring this subject up… especially when I start eying the kids and talking about barbeque.