How To Draw Chibi Zombies and deal with my crippling mental illness.  Sleep deprivation and caffeine aught to do it.

This is basically the four steps of my weird drawing process.  Well I mean there’s actually more to my comic drawing process.  I did leave out all the crippling self doubt and the hours where I curl up in the fetal position and weep silently while listening to one Tori Amos song over and over and over again.  I’ll add that to another zombie drawing tutorial later.

  • Step 1.  I use Illustrator’s brush tool set to low opacity to rough in my character.
  • Step 2.  On a new layer above my sketch I switch to the “Blob Brush Tool” to ink the image.
  • Step 3.  I use the paint bucket tool to fill in the shapes of my chibi zombies.
  • Step 4.  I add a few special effects and text to finish the zombie drawing off.  Pretty simple.

I like using Illustrators brushes vs. photoshop’s brushes for two reasons.  My drawing will be all vector so I don’t have to worry about resolution.  And second I can set the brush to smooth the brush stroke a bit.  I have a tremor in my hands that makes inking traditionally kind of a pain.

By the way, while I was drawing my chibi zombies I wasn’t lying about the dogs gas being a problem in my office.  Good Hell, I’m going to have to repaint in here.  I appreciate the company, but my eyes are watering.

Speaking of Chibi Zombies and tutorials

I was at Anime Wasabi recently where on the last day of the convention I was doing a panel on how to draw zombies.  I was pretty amused to see several people who were clearly hung over while dressed as anime characters.  I was even more amused when a few of them passed out by the end of the panel.

I took pictures which I will gladly hold onto in case I should ever need to blackmail some of them.  Except what would I blackmail of Anime Fan for?  Furry Costume supplies?