Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne Zombified: Firefly Undead.  The next entry in my Firefly Undead project.  As I’m still writing the next story arc of the comic I thought it would be appropriate (as well as buy me some time) to add another undead crew member to the fatefull Serenity.

Space is a dangerous place where you could die at any moment for any reason.  Like say someone shoots a tree trunk at you while your minding your own business.  That’s a hell of a way to go.

Never the less our good friend ‘Wash’ wouldn’t let something as trivial as a massive splinter through the heart keep him down.  NO.  He would rise again as a mighty zombie prepared to feast on the living.

I’m really tempted to write some terrible fan fiction based on this idea.  Must resist….. Must…. resist…….