How about a zombie drawing tutorial today since I’ve been stuck dragging my kids all over the neighborhood in a desperate hunt for candy.  We have just returned from our hunt, our souls shattered by the experience and our pancreas’s straining to produce enough insulin to keep us from falling into diabetic comas.

Zombie Drawing Step 1

In illustrator at about 30% opacity I scribble out my idea using the paintbrush tool.  This lovely zombie pumpkin seemed like a good idea and I based him on the expression I make every morning when I wake up and realize I have to go to work.  I hate mornings.  They give me the sadness.


Zombie Drawing Step 2

I make a new layer and I switch to the pantbrush blob tool at 100%.  With the red lines as a guide I “ink” the zombie pumpkin.  I’m using a Wacom tablet and I have the paintbrush blob tool set so the line weight varies with the pressure.

By the way the sugar high is starting to hit it’s apex and I’m getting a little jittery.  One of the reasons I use illustrator to make my comic is that I have a tremor in my hands and I’m able to set the tools to smooth out and compensate for the weakness of my pitiful human frailty.  I curse the gods for my weakness roundly and continue.


Zombie Drawing Step 3

I use the paintbucket tool to quickly color all the shapes in.  Now I’m racing against time as my super human pancreas is spewing insulin into my blood stream like a…. like a…. fast insulin….. spewy thing.  (Note: buy a thesaurus)


Zombie Drawing Step 4

Last steps.  On another layer I go back to the paintbrush blob tool and set it to multiply with black at 40% opacity for the shadows and for the hightlights I use white set to screen at 40% opacity as well.  A few little glowy line effects to give the illusion of competency and I call it a day.

I now gaze longingly at my creation….  And it stares back at me.  Our eyes meet… and oh yes, there is a spark.  It’s all I can do not to French kiss the screen.

If you’ll excuse me I’ve got some overly dramatic and slightly disturbing  fan fiction to write for the next few hours.  It’s all about a forbidden love between a married man and a rotting zombie pumpkin… who has forgotten how to love

I’m going to call it. “Fifty Shades of Orange”  I’ll be rich when I sell it to Hollywood.