You know, some of us take this blood cult thing seriously, Steve!  Get your head in the game!!!

There is nothing more annoying to me when I’m sacrificing a goat, chicken, or “other” to my dark and unfathomable gods from beyond reality then when someone is checking their text messages and not paying attention to the ritual.  Must I do all this anointing the alter with the fallen’s blood myself?

You know if I screw this up the laughing god of death and darkness won’t show up to drive us all mad and devour our souls…. Do you really want that… Steve? Do you?

I swear good cultists are hard to find.

Also, on a side not where do you get your laundry done if you are running a cult.  I’m just asking for…. a friend.  A friend who is totally real and not made up.

In no way, shape, or form should the NSA add me to yet another watch list for the contents of the blog post.