Ghost brides: Every home has one…. or it soon will.

I’ve long had a ridiculous fear of my house being haunted.  And since I’m writing this in the dark at night in my office, I’m 100% certain that there is a ghost bride staring over my shoulder as I type.

I dare not turn around because I’m pretty sure that by the rules of drama that’s how I’ll die.  I have a lot of “FUN” irrational beliefs.


Soooooooo, you may be asking what the frak has been going on with the webcomic?

Fair enough.  Well I’ve been having the struggles of course.  Pretty much like every single person does at some point in their life.  Pretty much I have been placed under a Gypsy curse, Desocrated an Egyptian tomb, or possibly I was buried in some sort of Pet Cemetary.  Regardless it’s bee rough.

So?  What does that mean?

Nothing at all.  I’m just explaining very very VERY vaguely why I have been awol so much.  And now that I’ve done a terrible job of that I am trying to post again.  Wish me luck.