You know how I always claim this comic has nothing from my personal life in it. I claim that again. (Looks shifty and runs away)

Yep nothing but manly man here, and I’ve got a gloriously thick pelt of manly chest hair to prove it. Comes in handy on those cold cold Utah winter nights. And as for the ladies… The official story is they loves it. You could ask them. If they were here. But much like that model girlfriend I had in high school, the one who could never be seen because she was out model’n and stuff, the ladies are unavailable to comment.

Rest assured they would be profuse with their wanton commentary about my gloriously manly chest hair.

You know I really should get my post updates done earlier, it would probably lead to more coherent writing. Right now In my head I’m composing an epic poem to my aggressively manly chest hair. The more tired I get the sillier it gets.

In about an hour or so if I’m still writing this the poem will contain a cast of albino midget mimes, a bear with low self esteem, and a lawyer who steals bacon.

It’s not that he likes the bacon, he doesn’t, he’s just a very bad lawyer.