Ideas for a comic?  Where do you get those?  I here that question a lot.  I could answer in the typical silly way I usually do and say I get ideas for a comic from ghost, sniffing glue, or I pay for them online.  But that’s not very helpful is it?

The truth is I’m always looking for ideas for a comic.  And I hunt for them everywhere.  Recently I thought I could get some good material from dreams.  I’m a lousy sleeper and I wake up multiple times a night.  I toss, I turn, or I don’t sleep at all.  At the best of times I get weird dreams that wake me up in a cold sweat, heart racing, and with the certain knowledge that impending doom is upon me.  So you know, normal stuff.

I started keeping my sketchbook by my bed determined to write down some of these dreams as fuel for more ideas for a comic or two.  I diligently wrote them down every night and woke up the next day to see what I wrote.   Here’s some of the better results from my dream experiment.

  • Several dreams where zombies were trying to kill me.
  • Several dreams where zombies were trying to “love” me.
  • I drew a dragon smoking a long stemmed pipe.  (Very Fruedian I suppose)
  • I dreamed that I had no teeth and I was attacking homeless people and stealing theirs.
  • And finally I dreamed of a new super fuel that would make me rich.  Storing Farts in bottles and selling them… Genius!

It’s clear that my subconscious mind is an idiot.  But I have to admit that it did in fact give me an idea for a comic, just not in the way I had hoped.  So maybe I’ll keep up the experiment.  The dreams of the zombies were encouraging, well not the one’s where they were trying to kill me… I mean “love” me.  Those I could do without.

Hopefully it will give me more things to entertain you all with.