It’s criminal that I haven’t drawn George Romero as a zombie yet. Had to rectify that…. and it’s fun to do something mildly serious now and again. So a portrait of him both before and after zombification seemed like a fun idea.

I watched a awesome documentary about zombies the other day. Made me appreciate how much we all owe Uncle George. I say that with the full knowledge that I lambasted his latest movie “Survival of the Dead” (He may punch me one day for that)

Well I can’t take that back, it really was a horrible movie. I can however say that I recently watched “Land of the Dead” again. The first time I saw it, I didn’t care for it, but seeing it again I can truthfully say I liked it. It wasn’t scary, you feel more sorry for the zombies than afraid of them. But on a second viewing I was entertained and would recommend it.

I’ll have to review that.