Frickin laser beams attached to your human/shark hybrid soldiers is the only way to go for all your anti zombie needs.  Aha if I had a nickle for every time that came up in polite conversation….  Anyway.

Anti-zombie weaponry is a fun topic, right?  Laser beam helmets would have to be pretty handy I would think.  They are hands free and generally pointed in the right direction.  The problem becomes then how do you fire them?  Possibly use an Xbox Kinect and make them voice activated.

Which may work well till your talking to your loved ones after a hard day’s zombie fighting and you accidentally burn a hole through your wife’s lovely head.  Next time don’t discuss getting wood for the FIRE! so casually.



Okay I thought of a work around.  Instead of making your anti zombie laser shoot when you say “Fire” make it fire when you say something odd like “Scrumptious Raw Pork!”

Because the idea of a platoon of zombie fighters screaming “Scrumptious Raw Pork” at the top of their lungs makes me smile.