The tragedy of Zombie Romance and the forbidden love between a human and a zombie, will those two crazy kids ever be able to make it in this crazy topsy turvy world?

I was at Barnes and Nobles this weekend perusing the Teen Paranormal Romance section…. Okay my wife was and I was following her making smart ass comments (It’s what I do.) As she was looking for another novel where some impressionable young teen girl was being romanced by a vampire, werewolf, angel, or possibly a sexy Sasquatch it occurred to me that my wife would find me far more attractive if I were a monster.

That’s kind of a sobering thought. Women like the idea of strong dangerous bad boy/monster in their fiction. Weird! You know what? There is no parallel in young Men’s fiction for this. Guys don’t like the idea of their potential girlfriend having demonic powers, or some kind of cursed blood lust.

It’s pretty simple to figure out why. We men are jerks, we will eventually piss our significant other off, and when we do it would be nice if our significant other didn’t snap our spines in two, drain our blood, or swallow our souls.

A supernatural girlfriend sounds like a terrible idea…. unless of course her cleavage is also supernatural. Then I possibly could see a positive in that.