It’s like a very smelly “Romeo and Juliet” or possibly a version of “West Side Story” but where the sharks eat the jets.

I don’t know why or perhaps I don’t want to think about it too much, but I always find the idea of forbidden romance between a zombie and a human so highly amusing. Vampires and werewolves get away with it all the time. Good hell you only have to spend about five minutes in the “Teen Paranormal Romance”> section of Barnes and Nobles to see that. Vampires are dating everything with a pulse, and werewolves are…. Well, you could read an “Anita Blake” novel to see this taken to the ridiculous extreme.

I see no reason why zombies can’t have a nice wholesome relationship with the living.

Sure zombies smell, but let’s be honest ladies most guys already have odor issues so are zombies really that different.

Also for the record I smell delightful…. Like a spring shower covered in the most manly of roses. K, maybe not that good.