Nothing good ever comes from visiting scary mansions under stormy skies.  Actually that’s crap all the best things happen when you do that.  I think that’s the plot of every single episode of Scooby-doo.  Or not…  Look thanks to many many overdoses of Ritalin my childhood is something of a blur.

This comic took much longer than usual for me to do thanks to the background.  I like the effect though, I think it’s much more interesting to look at than the blank abstract backgrounds I usually do.  What do you think?

Also… don’t forget to vote for me here to see the Walking Dead vote incentive I put up on Top Webcomics.  This is the last day to check it out as I’ll be changing it tomorrow.

Yes this is shameless pandering, but what are you gonna do.  It helps the comic and satisfies a ridiculous competative need I have that I usually fulfill by vicariously living through my children.
And the Judge told me I had to stop doing that.