It’s been a while since I gave Twilight a hard time in the comic.

I just kept looking at that poster of Edward Cullen and the more I looked at him and his ridiculous hair the more he looked like a giant angry cue tip.

Edward Cullen has really stupid hair.

SEE!  He said it himself!  Now no one can sue me. 

Take that! law firm of “James, Gareth, and take all of Carter’s money!” (Hate them sooo much)

Anyway… I get the urge to draw something other than comics periodically so that’s where Today’s zombified Edward Cullen comes from.  I’m not a huge fan of vampires, it’s not that I hate them, I just prefer zombies to them so much more.

Kind of happy with the way this one came out.   Even my traitorous Edward Loving wife approved (She loves that damned vampire more than me dang it!).  That’s incredibly depressing when I drew this comic to give her a hard time in the first place.

Maybe I should have given him googly eyes or something, possibly a huge goiter.   Teen girls still find huge goiters sexy right?