Edward Cullen, a character written to be the perfect man.  A man to make all teanage girls little hearts flutter and for all married woman to judge their husbands against…. and to find them wanting.

But what happens when that glittery jerk isn’t around Bella and can “Let his hair down” so to speak.  I submit to you that he’s just as big of a pig as the rest of us men.  Possibly even more so.

This Christmas my wife has informed me that her and the other female members of my family are coming over to my house and are going to watch the next chapter in the “Twilight SAGA.” She has let it be known that “on pain of death” I am ordered to keep my big yapper shut.  Apparently my hilarious comentary  on the Edward/Bella epic romance is not appreciated.  I feel sadness over this as I thought my witty remarks and mild criticisms were pretty damned funny…. they always made me laugh anyway.

Oh well, at least I get to make a webcomic about it to amuse myself.  It’s what I do, it’s what I love.