Are you as sick of this crappy economy as I am?

Not to get all political or anything, but what the crap!? How long has this “Recession” been going on now? Too long, that’s how long! I can’t watch the news anymore….

It fills me with a WHITE HOT RAGE THAT ONLY THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT CAN SATISFY. And that’s not helpful with my lifelong goal of NOT going to prison and ending up as someones “Girlfriend.”

You would think that the jackels responsible for this mess could fix it by now, but no. Don’t they realize how this will affect the zombie community? How many hard working undead monsters are out of jobs due to greedy bankers, and sleazy politicians? Where are they going to get the funds to buy brains? As a future undead American I am outraged by their callousness. Who are the REAL monster Mr. Bankerman!

It’s just my opinion, but I think these very same Jackels should be publically spanked on national telivision every week until the economy is back to “normal.” Nothing motivates people more than humiliation.