Drawing chibi zombies in the weirdest most confusing way possible.  I was going to continue the comic today, but I’m buried in freelance work and having to fix up a rental property.  It’s eating me alive, no pun intended.  But rather than have nothing to post for the comic today and neglecting my entertainment duties as a cartoonist I made a chibi zombies drawing tutorial.

These are always fun to do and I admit I get a little sillier than I should with my descriptions.  I don’t care, it’s late and it amuses me.

Steps to drawing Chibi Zombies

  • Step 1.  I use Illustrator’s brush tool set to low opacity to rough in my character.
  • Step 2.  On a new layer above my sketch I switch to the “Blob Brush Tool” to ink the image.
  • Step 3.  I use the paint bucket tool to fill in the shapes of my chibi zombies.
  • Step 4.  I add a few special effects and text to finish the zombie drawing off.  Pretty simple.

Here’s some links to some of my previous demented efforts on making tutorials for drawing chibi zombies.

Chibi Zombies #1

Chibi Zombies Drawing Tutorial #1

Chibi Zombies #2

Chibi Zombies Drawing Tutorial #2

Eventually I’ll do the whole cast of the comic this way print them up and have them as a set.